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3 Expensive Spinning Reels
3 Expensive Spinning Reels

3 Expensive Spinning Reel for Saltwater Fishing | Review


This review will help you find your Dream Fishing Tackle online. No matter what kind of Fishing you are thinking of the following few Spinning Reel is enough for a lifetime. Whether it is Inshore or Offshore These 3 Expensive Spinning Reel will surely give you a longer and yet smooth casting experience you need. Even if you don’t know what is a Good spinning Reel for Fishing or what kind of reel is good for what fishing environment, you can easily rely on these reels in any environment. Maybe they are Expensive but the quality and performance are much higher than their price.

1. Shimano Stella SWB Spinning Reel

There are a number of factors that are very important to make the right choice while you are buying

3 expensive Spinning Reel
3 expensive Spinning Reel

a saltwater and yet Expensive Spinning Reel. You might look for a cheap budget spinning reel for a quick decision but if you love fishing in offshore than a good quality spinning reel is the one you should stay with.

If you ask me to suggest the one best-sophisticated saltwater Expensive Spinning Reel in the world, I would definitely tell you to buy a Shimano Stella SWB. The world of big game fishing has changed by this Shimano Stella SWB. The high-end Shimano put all its advanced technologies to provide you an unbeatable lever drag performer especially in the saltwater fishing.

The Stella SWB is the toughest and functional spinning reel that can last longer than you can expect yet the new Stella SWB series is the most popular reel in the market. Big fishes move faster and jump higher and the Stella is very much capable to easily handle any kind of heavy torque without any jerk or twist.

Construction: The new series of Stella SWB body is much wider than its older versions and yet it looks very beautiful. The new Stella has a fully metal Hagane body that has the high rigidity Aluminum that will not let the body be warped or twisted.

Bearings: The Stella has incredible 14 S ARB and 1 Roller bearing which is fully anti saltwater coated. These bearing are the main reason behind the great performance of the spool. These Features can be found only in Expensive Spinning Reel Category

X rigid Gear: It has the famous X-rigid Hagane cold forged gear system which supports the tremendous cranking power to the reel under heavy load. It also has the Aluminum shaft with a core of stainless steel with a precision cut gear system that makes it arguably the toughest reel in the world. Its gear ratio is 4:6:1.

The X-shield & X-Protect: The X- shield and the X-Protect gasket these features provide the reel smooth performance and prevent any saltwater intrusion in the gearbox. There’s also a rubber seal which protects the reel from saltwater and sand. 

Drag System: With the X-tough drag system and larger washer size at the center of the spool brings a greater stability. Besides that, a coiled wave spring system results in a smooth balance and adjustment in high drag setting. When you are fighting with a huge Tuna, Trevally or marlin this X-tough drag system continually provides consistency in the drag settings during the fight.

X-Rigid Bail System: This SR one-piece titanium Bail Wire and SW diamond-like carbon bail roller which they call the X-rigid bail can be the Shimano’s main selling point. This rigidity eliminates any flex during fishing. The sculpted Bail design incorporates no gap in the bail. This eliminates the line snagging between the teardrop and the bail wire. It also helps the line to drop in the roller much faster resulting in a better line management system.

Aluminum Cold Forged Spool: Comparing with the other spools in the market like graphite or Die cast aluminum the Shimano presents its very own CF Aluminum cold forged spool which provides an increased strength and durability.

X-Rigid Rotor: To eliminate any reel flex the Stella EWB invented the x-Rigid rotor which provides the reel extra rigidity.

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Features in a brief:                                                               

Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel
Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel
  • 6:2:1 Gear ratio.
  • High-end saltwater spinning reel.
  • Mono Line capacity.
  • Line retrieve per crank 53 inc.
  • 14+1 Bearings.Hagane Gear.
  • X-Rigid Gear.Hagane Body.
  • X-Tough Drug.X-Rigid Rotor.
  • X-Ship.X-Shield.
  • X-Protect.
  • CF Aluminum Cold Forged Spool.
  • Super Stopper II.
  • X-Rigid Bail.
  • X-Rigid Handle.


  • Very Smooth and Durable.
  • Bragging Rights.
  • High-End Construction.
  • Nearly Waterproof.
  • Most Developed castability.


  • Price Point.
  • Some Plastic parts.

Verdict: So whether you are preparing yourself for Tuna, Marlin, Mackerel or Trevally to crank heavy jigs or high speed retrieve ratio in the offshore saltwater, Shimano Stella SWB is the one Expensive Spinning Reel and yet incomparable water predator’s hunter for you.

2. Shimano Twin Power SW-B Spinning Reel

Shimano Twin Power introduced in the USA market in 2015 with their most demanding and  Expensive Spinning Reel category incorporating a long list of high-end Features. The price point of this reel can take the middle of Shimano Saragosa and Stella.

The Saltwater Giant is a heavy duty offshore reel that comes with great Hagane Body, X-Tough Drag, X-Rigid Rotor, Bail, and Gear system. It’s such a great value fishing reel that can fulfill all kind of fishing necessities in one place. You will find Shimano Twin Power SWB in 5 models ranging from 4000 XG to 14000 XG. Now let’s just go to deeper into that reel.

Hagane Construction: The amazing Shimano Twin Power SW B Saltwater Spinning Reel is constructed with the finest Hagane Technology. With full Hagane Metal body and Rotor gives it a super Rigid construction that doesn’t have any flex. The Special Sword smith technology is carried here with the same Steel that usually used in Japanese Samurai Swords.

X-Tough Drag: The most noticeable feature of this Spinning Reel is its Drag System. The X-Tough is such a Technology that will provide you a strong and yet very smooth Drag experience especially when you are chasing a high-speed Tuna. You will enjoy from a light Drag to a Massive 62 Ibs for this technology. This feature indicates that it’s just another Expensive Spinning Reel.

Hagane Gear: Through the state of the art application Shimano used its cold forged technology made the gearing system incomparable. The metal structure and the 3D design of the gear made it a super strong and smooth in nature.

X-Rigid Gear: The Twin Power has its very own X-Rigid Gearing System to handle the tremendous power and rigidity of the reel.

X-Ship: The X-Ship is created for the improved gear durability. It supports the Pinion Gear on both sides of the bearings. This Pinion Gear is made to align perfectly with the Drive Gear and together they will make gears stay in the same position even under a heavy Load. The result is that there will be no friction between the Spool Shaft and The Gear. This feature results in longer casting performances.

X- Rigid Rotor, Gear, Bail, and Handel: Shimano has used its X-Rigid technology in many areas in their Expensive Spinning Reel. From the Corrosion resistant Titanium Lightweight Bail to the main gear and Rotor Design. The cold Forged Handle design is another great feature which is up to 35% stronger than other design and finally in combination with an oversized Knob will provide you a great control while fighting with a Large Fish.

Bearings: The Twin Power is totally comprised of 11+1 Bearings. Among them, 11 are made with Shielded Stainless Steel ARB Bearings and 1 with a Super stopper II One way Roller Bearing which is an Anti- Reverse Bearing. These bearings are shielded and not Sealed So It will be able to eliminate any salt or sand intrusion into the reel but you have to be careful about drowning it in the water.

Line Management: The Shimano Twin Power is also incorporated with the Propulsion Line Management System. This feature will provide the Lines to lay evenly on the Spool during Fishing. It also has a very smooth Lip design which will reduce the Frictions.

Fluidrive II: To make the Retrieve smoother the main gear is polished in a separate process. This is the Shimano Fluidrive II The Technology which is a key reason the spool spins freely with or without a Load.

Aero Wrap II: The Shimano Twin Power also uses an Oscillation worm Drive Gearing System which is another reason for the even Line Lay on the Spool.

X-Shield & X-Protect: These Features enables the Twinpower to be resistant to water under harshest environment.

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Features in a Brief:

Shimano Twin Power Saltwater Spinning Reel
Shimano Twin Power Saltwater Spinning Reel
  • Hagane Body.
  • Hagane Cold Forged Gearing.
  • X-Rigid Rotor, Gear, and Handel.
  • X-Ship.X-Tough Drag.
  • 11-1 SAR-B Shielded Bearings.
  • Propulsion Line Management System.
  • Aero Wrap II.
  • Fluidrive II.
  • X- Shield & X-Protect.
  • Super Stopper II.


  • many Features of High-end Stella.
  • Very Smooth.Great Drag.


  • Not Fully Sealed.Higher Price.


This reel is among the Most Expensive Spinning Reels which can stay with you for a lifetime.  If you compare the price and the features it’s providing than definitely, you will find this fishing tackle the most attractive. Finally, if you don’t want to spend your money for the highest priced reel in the market and yet want a reel for a big fish fighter in the saltwater than you should have this one.

3. Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging Spinning Reel

The Saltiga Bay Jigging Fishing Tackle is the Flagship of Daiwa Line in Saltwater. The High-End and yet an Expensive Spinning Reel Features  A Cutting Edge Technology that Insures its smooth Performance.

With 13 Bearings and the groundbreaking development of one -piece monocoque Body with One- Piece Aluminum Frame and One Piece Threaded SidePlate makes the reel the Toughest competitor in the saltwater Arena. You will find Saltiga in 2 different models in the market and they are SABAYJ3500H-JDM and SABAYJ4000H-JDM. Let’s just discuss the details of Saltiga Bay Jigging.

Construction: The heavy Duty Japanese Saltwater Legend is made with one -piece monocoque Body with One- Piece Aluminum Frame and One Piece Threaded SidePlate. This feature gives this Expensive Spinning Reel an amazing strength and smoothness for tackling any giant water predator in the saltwater. So you will have a Longer Life Reel with this feature.

Spool: The Saltiga Bay Jigging has a Fluorocarbon Spool that also incorporates the braided Lines with it. So obviously you are going to enjoy the most sophisticated feeling during the cast. The ABS Aluminum Spool is just the perfect feature for this reel.

Air Bail: The Bail System of the Saltiga Bay Jigging is incorporated with the Tubular stainless Air Bail Technology. For an ultimate Fishing Experience, it works just fantastic.

Drag System: It has the Waterproof UT Carbon Drag System which is another essential feature for a Great Reel like this one. However, a good drag system can make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Handle: The handle of this reel is made with Machined Aluminum and a very comfortable Aluminum Ball knob and Arm. So obviously this feature performs better than the traditional handles.

Gear System: The Famous Bay Gigging has the latest Hyper DigiGear Technology which will provide you some of the best retrieve experience comparing with the other Products in the market.This Digitally Designed & Cut Gear System is the main reason for the reels ultra-Smoothness and Ultra-Durability.

Bearings: Finally The 13 Ball Bearing Drive includes 2 MBB (Mag Sealed) and 9 CRBB Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings. The 2 Full time infinite Anti-reverse Bearings are just another feather of the Reels Crown.

Line Management: The Spectacular Saltiga Line Management System includes a Mono Line Capacity of 12/300, 14/220. This feature is the most essentials among the other features of the reel. Because a perfect line Management system becomes your true friend during fishing.

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Features in a Brief:

Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging
Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging
  • One -piece, Aluminum Frame Monocoque Body and Threaded Side Plate.
  • Fluorocarbon Spool with Braided Line.
  • ABS Aluminum Spool.
  • Air Bail Technology.
  • Waterproof UT Carbon Drag System.
  • Machined Aluminum Handle & Ball knob.
  • Hyper DigiGear Technology.
  • 13 Bearings in which 9 CRBB, 2 MBB, 1BB, 1RB.


  • Great Drag.
  • Overall Quality.
  • Smoothness.


  • Personally, I didn’t find any Problem with this reel but the Price issue.

Verdict: The overall performance of this Expensive Spinning Reel is simply great. Since there have been some great reviews on this one. The Price issue will not be a problem after one year when you’ll find the reel as new as it was when you bought it from Amazon. So thinking about the quality and smoothness you can rely on the product.

Conclusion:  The Above 3  Reels are the most Expensive Spinning Reel and yet finest few from the humongous amount of different Saltwater Tackles. So I will tell you to Buy any of these 3 Reels. I have been through in a vast area of articles and reviews just to find the best kinds among hundreds.

These 3 Expensive Spinning Reel can sustain and survive for even Lifetime if you take good care of them. These reels are the only requirement for any fishing gamer. Whether you are a beginner or a pro these reels have the capacity to meet you’re all kind of fishing demands in any environment.

Product Comparision 

Shimano Stella SWB 4.9Check Amazon Price
Shimano Twin Power SW-B 4.7Check Amazon Price
Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging 4.5Check Amazon Price

What To Look For In Expensive Spinning Reel?

If you are a beginner or don’t know how to use a Spinning reel or what are the key factors of a good Spinning Reel. No matter if the Spinning Reel is Expensive or Cheap priced but if you don’t know about these simple 5 factors then you might purchase a wrong Fishing Spinning Reel. So before you buy a reel you must know the following 5 factors for sure.

Spinning Reel Size: The size of a spinning reel makes a huge difference in your fishing Success. For example 1000 to 3500 reels are lightweight, adjustable with smaller rods and they are for catching small fishes. The Size 5000-5500 are medium sized reels. They are used to catch both small and large fishes too. From size 6000-9500 and they have different rod sizes for them. Typically they are boat reels and used for catching larger water predators.

Gear Ratio: The gear ratio is the number of times a bail rotates around the spool in the time of one rotation of the handle. So the 5:1 Gear ratio means that the bail goes around 5 times during one rotation of the handle. If you are using a lure that needs fast retrieve, a higher Gear ratio is needed for you. Normally a 4:1 gear ratio is considered slow while a 6:1 is fast. So to get a good all around Reel, take a 5:1 Gear ratio.

The Number of Ball Bearings: I can simply say without going any deeper of the machine that the greater the number of Ball bearing you have the smoother Retrieve you will have in your Spinning Reel. Although many experts recommend buying a spinning reel with a higher number of Ball Bearings with 5 or 6 BB is a very good number. Because it’s good enough for a smooth retrieve and it’s also cheaper in cost.

Smooth Drag System: A smooth Drag System is the most important feature of a spinning reel. The Drag system puts pressure on the fishes and allows you to give outlines when needed. A good quality Drag should consist the Mechanism to let out Lines Smoothly, Evenly and without any Jerk or Pulls as the Line goes. If it jerks then it’s not a good choice for you to buy the reel. So a front Drag system is a good choice for a spinning reel as it closer to the spool and easier to adjust during a catch.

Instant Anti-Reverse Handle: You should find a reel that has no backward motion on the handle. If it even moves just little backward during the cast It will prevent a powerful and accurate Hook Set which will negatively impact on your Fishing Success. There should not be any Play when you want to stop the reel. Move the handle of reel forward and then gently try to reverse it. If it backs up you should not buy the Reel.

These few tips will be very useful for you when you are going to buy a spinning reel. So it is important that you test these traits before buying a Spinning Reel .your fishing totally depends on these 5 most important facts of a Spinning Fishing Reel.

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