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Bass Fishing Spinning Reels
Bass Fishing Spinning Reels

Top 5 Bass Fishing Spinning Reels | Most Appreciated Review

The Bass Fishing Spinning Reels are lightweight but capable to handle loads on a tight bait. Spinning Reels are the only choice you have especially if you are thinking of Bass Fishing. Because when you are facing a heavy load and a tight bait you must need a light tackle or a right kind of a spinning reel. Spinning Reels are the best option for Bass Fishing because they are very easy to use and they can help you perform almost any Bass Techniques. Besides that, throwing a light lure with a spinning reel is much easier than a baitcasting reel. And of course, if you want to use the finesse technique on a difficult day when fish aren’t biting a Spinning reel would be ideal for that situation. That’s why anglers keep at least one spinning reel with them beside a baitcasting reel.

Size and Construction

You will find Spinning Reels in many sizes in the market. But the right side of a Spinning Reel makes a huge difference in Bass Fishing. Because the size of a Spinning Reel will affect the power, Speed, Weight and so many other things. Similarly, the body construction of a Spinning Reel also affects the performance of Bass Fishing. Metal Bodies are good because they resist Frame Flex but it’s also heavier and not good enough for Corrosion resistance. However, Aluminum or Graphite composite bodies, for instance, are much better because they are lightweight and strong.

Spool Size

You can find many different sizes of Spool in a Spinning Reel but which one is the best may vary from person to person. Hence for Bass Fishing, the medium-sized Spools are better because they are able to take 8 lb Test Lines or monofilament. Because these lines are lightweight and suitable for some Bass Techniques.

Drag System

For Bass Fishing, you need a very good quality Drag System in your Spinning Reel Therefore you need a strong Drag System because a Good Drag System puts Pressure on a Hooked fish and it also helps line leaving on the Spool. A good Drag is something that can put a smooth pressure during the fight with enough Drag power and a good Drag adjustment system.

Gear Ratio and Bearings

The gear ratio is the number of times a bail rotates around the spool in the time of one rotation of the handle. So the 5:1 Gear ratio means that the bail goes around 5 times during one rotation of the handle. For Bass Fishing a 6:1 Gear Ratio is ideal because it will allow you to use a variety of lures and retrieve techniques.
And about Bearings, I can simply say without going any deeper that the greater the number of Balls Bearing you have the smoother Retrieve you will have in your Spinning Reel many experts recommend buying a spinning reel with a higher number of Ball Bearings with 5 or 6 BB is a very good number to have a smoother.


I would recommend Bass Fishing Reels Price level should be around 100 to 250. Of Course, anyone can choose a higher priced Spinning Reels but especially for Bass Fishing techniques like Drop Shot, Ned Rig, Damiki Rig, Shaky Head, Wacky Rig and Jig Warm, all can be served within this price range.

Top 5 Most Appreciated Bass Fishing Spinning Reels Overview

These 5 Bass Fishing Spinning Reels will be ideal for Finesse and all the other Bass Fishing techniques. These reels are versatile and capable enough to handle all kind of Bass Fishing. You will have your job done no matter if these reels are expensive or not.

1. Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel 

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Quick Features 

  • Hagane Body.
  • Hagane Drive Gear.
  • AR-C Cold Forged Spool.
  • X-Ship.
  • 6 Shielded A-RB and 1 Anti-reverse Bearing.
  • Diana Balance.
  • Front Drag.
  • Fluidrive II.
  • Propulsion Line management.
  • Power Roller II.
  • Aero Wrap II.
  • SR-Concept.

The Famous Fishing equipment manufacturer Shimano and their products don’t need any Introduction.
With size 1000HG to C5000XG, the Shimano Stradic FK is a most durable Spinning reel for Bass Fishing. The weight of Shimano FK starts from 6.9 oz to the 11.3 oz.

The reliable Seals are fully capable of stopping water intrusion. Besides that, the Hagane Precision Technology is a guaranty of a Better Performance. The Fluro drive II Cold forged Gear with an X-Ship Pinion Gear is a perfect combination especially in front of a heavy Load. The Superbly Lightweight Hagane Body is also very strong that increases more winding power and elements all flexes.

The fully Metal Body adds more cranking Power to the Reel. Hence the 6+1 SA -RB Bearings are Shielded to prevent sand or salt intrusion in the reel. On top of that, the Dyna Balance Technology is another great feature that makes the Shimano Stradic FK an undefeated champion.

The Stradic FK has a cold forged aluminum spool which increases more durability for bass Fishing and also for long distance casting.
Another great mentionable feature of this Reel is it’s Propulsion Line Management system that incorporates a greater Spool Lip design called AR-C cold forged. It helps to avoid any backlash or wind knots. Besides that, the Groove Power Roller system avoids Line twisting or looping.

The Drag System of the Stradic Fk uses both the felt and steel washers. You will find the difference between Stradic FK and other Reels drag quality while facing a heavy fight with a big one.


  • Hagane Technology.
  • High Rigidity Rotor.
  • Hagane Cold Forged Precision Gear.
  • X-Ship.
  • X-Shield.
  • Propulsion Line Management.


  • No switch in anti-reverse.
  • Some Plastic parts.

2. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

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Quick Features: 

Abu Garcia Revo SX
Abu Garcia Revo SX
  • Rocket Line Management System. 
  • AMGearing System.
  • Rocket Spool Lip Design.
  • Eight stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing.
  • Insert-Molded C6 carbon body.
  • Braid-ready machined-aluminum spool.
  • Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system.

The Lightweight Abu Garcia Revo SX is a very Popular Bass Fishing Spinning Reels. With cutting-edge technology, Insert Molded C6 (IM-C6) Carbon Body and One Piece Aluminum Gear Box made it the most demanding among the Bass Fishing Spinning Reels. You will find Abu Garcia Revo SX in 4 models ranging from size REVO2SX10 to Size REVO2SX40.

This Zero Flex body Spinning reel is made with Carbon body. Besides that, a Graphite Rotor made the reel very Strong, durable and lightweight,

The reel has 8 HPCR Stainless Steel Bearings and 1 Roller Bearing all of them are corrosion Protected.

The Revo SX has the Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag System which is the reason behind its great performance. So obviously you are going to get a very smooth Drag.

Another amazing feature of this Bass Fishing Master is 10 Ibs sized Rocket Spool Lip design. Because of this feature, you will have an increased castability.

This reel has an AMGearing which is a Precision Machined Gear system. So you will find the difference and enjoy a more smooth fishing.

Finally, the K-Clutch Anti-Reverse system and an Eva Knob makes the perfect for any kinds of Bass Techniques.


  • Durable.
  • High-Performance Design.
  • Versatile and efficient in nature.
  • Carbon Matrix Drag System.


  • I haven’t heard anything negative about the reel.
  • A minor discoloration in the handle has complained a few customers.

3. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel

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Quick Features:  

Pflueger Supreme XT
Pflueger Supreme XT
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Magnesium Body, Rotor & Sideplate.
  • Braid Ready Anodized Aluminum Spool.
  • 10 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Ball Bearing.
  • Sealed Carbon Drag.
  • Carbon Handle 20% Lighter than Aluminum.
  • Eva Knob.

The Pflueger is a well established Fishing Tackle Manufacturer and when it comes to the Bass Fishing Spinning Reels Pflueger ranks in the first row in the race. The ultra Light Supreme XT is one of the Competitors with an affordable price among Bass Fishing Spinning Reels. You will find Pflueger Supreme XT in 5 models ranging from SP25X to SP40X.

With the Magnesium component Body Construction the Pflueger Supreme XT. This Lightweight component also makes it very strong against heavy torquing. with the same material of a side plate and Rotor makes it even more Durable.

Braided Line ready Spools are essential for Bass Fishing but you might also want to have a longer distance capability also. The Supreme XT has a machined Ported side wall and a doubled Anodized Aluminum Spool. Beside that Pflueger has reduced its weight but yet it also has rubber Ridges. So you don’t need back the Spool with mono.

With a Smooth Carbon Fiber Drag System Drag System, the Supreme XT is also superior for its saltwater intrusion resistance.

Another interesting feature of this Reel is its Sure-Click Bail design which is made of Solid Aluminum that also incorporates an Anti-Twist Titanium Line Roller. So you will surely love the overall performance of the Reel.

Finally with 10 Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings, a Carbon Fiber Handle and an Eva Knob simply make it a perfect Bass Predator hunter.


  • Anti Reverse.
  • Sealed Carbon Drag System.
  • Lightweight


  • Portholes in Spool can cause Dirt

4. Daiwa BG SW Spinning Reel

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Quick Features: 

Daiwa BG SW
Daiwa BG SW
  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing.
  • Oversized Digger System.
  • Solid Screw-in Handle.
  • Air Rotor. Aluminum ABS Spool.
  • Braided Line Ready Spool.
  • Waterproof Drag System. Carbon ATD.
  • Line per Handle Turn-33.2.
  • Manual Return Bail.
  • Bearing- 6BB 1RB.
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse System (4000 and Smaller).
  • Infinite Dual Anti-Reverse System (4500 and Larger).

With a large number of satisfied Bass Fishermen in the fishing game scenario, Daiwa is such a fishing gears manufacturer that doesn’t need any Introduction. You will find Daiwa BG in 10 sizes from size 1500 to all the way up to 8000. So it ’s clearly be understood that The Daiwa can meet all kind of fishing needs including Bass Fishing.

With the unique black anodized machine Aluminum housing (“Hardbodyz” Body & side cover) Daiwa BG also has an extra layer of anodized Aluminum. So you don’t need to think about any Scraps, Bumps or longevity of the reel.

Another important feature of Daiwa BG is it’s 7 anti-rust ball bearings. The 6 BB and 1 are RB provides the reel a great performance.

Furthermore, an oversized Digger system adds an extra value for the reel. As oversized gear has more teeth to easily handle pressure and it can also provide a great retrieve rate. For giant Bass, this reel is just what you need.

Daiwa uses a Solid Screw in its handle design which is different than any other reels you’ll find in the market. This feature prevents any Play between the handle arm and the main gear which carries a strong feeling when cranking it.

The Dynamic cut Aluminum ABS Spool of Daiwa BG is an amazing feature. For better casting, it’s important to have the line to flow evenly on and off the spool. Diwas lip can do it well and that’s the reason you will not have to face any wind knots or line twists.

Another unique feature of the Daiwa BG is its braided Line ready Spool. What it means is that you will find a rubber in the center of the ABS Spool which will allow you go directly go to the spool with braided line.

The Air rotor of Daiwa BG is something that makes the reel lighter but still distributes the stress in the whole reel.

Diwa also has one Infinite Anti-Reverse system and one Infinite Dual Anti-Reverse system to eliminate any back Play.

For Bass fishing Techniques it is important that you have a good drag system. Daiwa BG incorporates several cut carbon fiber washers in its reels to provide you a better drag. This feature will let you enjoy a smooth fishing without any jerky motion.


  • Smooth.
  • Anodized Body.
  • Powerful Drag.


  • Heavy.

5. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

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Quick Features: 

Pflueger President
Pflueger President
  • Graphite Body & Rotor.
  • Instant Anti Reverse one-way clutch Bearing.
  • Sure-Click Bail.
  • 10 Bearings.
  • Oil Felt Stainless Steel Drag.
  • One Year Warranty.

The president is the best for you If you are a Bass Lover and want a Reel that is one of the best among the other Bass Fishing Spinning Reels.with a minimal budget but yet an inshore fishing needs this reel is one of the best among the Bass Fishing Spinning Reels. If you compare the Pflueger spinning reel with others in the same price range it undoubtedly would be in the VIP category. The available sizes that you will find will range from 20 to all the way up to 40.

This lightest Bass Specialist has a Graphite Body and an aircraft grade aluminum handle. Because of it’s a smaller size you can easily carry the Reel while you are in action.

It’s a corrosion resistance reel with ith 9 stainless steel and an anti-reverse ball bearing. This feature will give you a smooth retrieve rate.

Another interesting feature of this Reel is its machine ported and double anodized solid aluminum braid ready spool. You don’t even need any mono backing because the braid is not slippery.

The President also has a sure click Bail which is made of heavy-duty aluminum. So this feature will help you know that the bail is open and its ready for fishing as you will hear an audible click

The President spinning reel is made of stainless steel oil felt drag system. So it also ensures you a smooth drag.

Finally, the soft touch ergonomic knob that will let you have an easy grip on the knob is just another durable feature that made it one of the best Bass Fishing Spinning Reels.


  • Low Price·
  • Light Weight.
  • 10 Bearings.
  • Easy switching Left to Right Hands retrieve.


  • Reported Drag Issues.
  • Not for saltwater.
Shimano Stradic" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Shimano Stradick4.9Check Amazon Price
Abu Garcia Revo SX" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Abu Garcia Revo SX4.8Check Amazon Price
Pflueger Supreme XT" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Pfluger Supreme XT4.7Check Amazon Price
Daiwa BG SW" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Daiwa BG SW4.6Check Amazon Price
Pflueger President" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Pfluger President4.5Check Amazon Price

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