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6 Best Fly Fishing Reels I Found On Google Search | Review

6 best Fly Reels
6 best Fly Reels

6 Best Fly Fishing Reels

I have searched many sites on google and researched for months to find 6 Best Fly Fishing Reels that can serve almost all my fly fishing purposes. However, I didn’t find or at least reached any concrete decision yet. Even more, the deeper I went into my research I became more confused. Finally, I came to know that every reel has it’s unique abilities and weaknesses. With different price level and fishing situations, there’s always a different reel with its very own combinations. There are no one or six best fly fishing reels. That’s the reason also why I will not go for any comparison among these reels.     

I selected these 6 fly fishing reels because of their popularity, durability, price point and experiences among the customers. However, I didn’t include some of the great Fly reels here in this article because they are not meeting the current purpose of this content. I will include those reels in my other articles in the future.

# Tibor Billy Pate Salmon Fly Fishing Reels

In 1976 Ted Juracsik introduced his first anti-reverse Tarpon reel which was designed by Billy Pate. The reel is uncomparable, capable and dependable for almost any species and condition. It’s designed to fit in almost any kinds of fly fishing environments. With 225 world record and a history of maintenance-free performance, the Billy Pate Salmon Model is something on which you can rely with closed eyes.

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Billy Pate Salmon
Billy Pate Salmon

Quick Features:

  • The U.S.A. made and assembled fly reel.
  • Jet Black Spool and Satin Gold Frame.
  • Classic Anti-Reverse design.
  • Solid aluminum bar stock Made.
  • For identification and protection, each reel has the serial no.
  • Rim control.
  • Game Fish Engraving on each model.
  • Comes with free shipping with $50 Troutfitter gift card.

# TFO BVK Fly Fishing Reels

The winner at 2011 ICAST “best new fly product” The BVK super large arbor from the Temple Fork Outfitters is a highly acclaimed performer in the fly fishing scenario. The light-weight, high in quality and yet with an affordable price is also known for it’s faster line pick up and maintenance free drag system.

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TFO BVK Series
TFO BVK Series

Quick Features:

  • Available in moss green.
  • Precision Machined bar stock aluminum.
  • Anodized aluminum frame.
  • Super large arbor for faster line pickup.
  • Maintenance free drag.
  • Delrin/Stainless stacked disc drag.
  • Instant drag engagement
  • One-way clutch bearing

# Galvan Brookie Fly Fishing Reels

The ultralight Brookie series are durable and can be your lifetime partner. You will have these fly fishing reels available in four models 0 to 5 weight lines. The revolutionary reels is a cutting-edge designed beauty comes with a Click-Ball tension system that makes the reel completely different than the traditional reels. The outstanding system that provides a kind of resistance and line retrieve without adjusting the drag. This feature will surely give you an exceptional palming experience that most lightweight fly reels can’t effort.

Galvan Brookie
Galvan Brookie

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Quick Features:

  • American Made and.
  • Click-Ball Tension System.
  • Exceptionally Smooth Drag & Line Retrieve.
  • Weatherproof Finish.
  • Precision Machined 6061 Bar Stock Aluminum.

# Orvis Battenkill Fly Fishing Reels

The advanced four positioned click-and-pawl drag system and well-balanced Battenkill fly fishing reels are flawless minimalist designed. The freshwater reel is also equipped with a narrow spool for less line stacking and larger spool diameter to support a higher line retrieve rate. The ultra-light fly reel is made with heavy duty machined bar stock aluminum that also has a left or right hand retrieve to adjust the left or right-hand wind. The reel is available in five sizes and weights.

Orvis Battenkill
Orvis Battenkill
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Quick Features:

  • Constructed with heavy-duty machined Bar stock aluminum.
  • Click-and-pawl drag.
  • Drag is adjustable internally.
  • Left or Right-hand adjustable retrieve.
  • Four positioned drag.
  • Drag works in tandem with the palm of your hand.

# Waterworks Lamson Remix Fly Fishing Reels

The Waterworks Lamson is popular US fly fishing brand for many years. The Lamson Remix is the standout reel among their best reels. The Remix is a fully CNC machined frame from 6061 bar stock aluminum. The outstanding cast spool is made also with a machine-cast. It has also a fully sealed conical drag system to fight with saltwater for a long long time.

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Lamson Remix
Lamson Remix

Quick Features:

  • The USA fly reel.
  • Full framed.
  • Large Arbor.
  • CNC machined 6061 bar stock aluminum.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Pressure cast aluminum spool.
  • Sealed conical drag.
  • Zero radius inside corner.

# Waterworks Lamson Liquid Fly Fishing Reels

When comes to lower price and higher quality fly reels that will perform year after year The US made Liquid fly fishing reel is the one you can consider. Lamson had to go through a tough design that will create a very best quality yet a low-cost reel. The advanced die-cast process and full radius compound curves made the reel a best of it’s kind in the market.

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Lamson Liquid
Lamson Liquid

Quick Features:

  • Large diameter arbor.
  • Pressure cast aluminum spool and frame.
  • Conical Drag system.
  • Sealed and maintenance free.
  • Polyurethane finish.




The highest technological effort and experience are the key components of these reels. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt these Fly reels are the best in the market for their long lasting perfect performance. As a result, these reels fits all kind of environment and are fully capable of providing the smoothest performance at any time. You will never feel disappointed with buying any of them. 


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