Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Reels Spinning:

I have started my Business with my site “Reels Spinning” ( )from 1 February 2018. Here my role is as a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program LLC.  I will not only sell product from Amazon to my customer but also I will provide my customers all the product information with pos and cons. I will also publish the contents regarding Spinning Reels and will only encourage to buy the good quality products.

If this site helps you to meet your desired product I will really feel good. Because I just don’t want to be a marketer I would rather like to be your friend or a guide to help you decide the right kind of products or services. I will try to provide all your solutions within the boundary and services of this site. I think affiliation is also a great way to provide services and information to the customers. Apart from selling products at Amazon, my sole purpose is to help people through rendering a service or help to decide the customer choosing the best products out of many.

I believe that being honest and transparent with the customers is a great way to maintain a good relationship for the long-run. The information I will take from my service users will be safe and confidential. To me, the Trust of my service users is more important than gaining profit. Because a good relationship with the customer will create a good reputation for my business. So in this competitive phase of business scenarios, it is important to have more loyal customers than ever. I wish that the Reels Spinning will help its customers to find their desired products and services from Amazon. 

Please Feel Free to Contact me at for any queries or questions.

Thanking you

Shohedul Haque (Topu Haque)